Classic Countertops LLC
Classic Countertops is a premium countertop provider in northeast Ohio. 12 Virtues Consulting performed a redesign of the website. In addition, we wrote blog content to help attract more customers. We continue to work with Classic Countertops to provide them technical advice for growing their online presence.
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Cameron Jean, A.K.A ABYLON, is an Ohio raised producer and DJ who spends his time creating, remixing, and performing. We helped Cameron acquire the domain he felt best represented his brand. Then we built a site for Cameron to share his music, advertise show dates, and provided a way for venue and club events to contact him.
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Bahama Bodies Tanning
Bahama Bodies provides quality tanning beds in Kent, Ohio. 12 Virtues Consulting worked to create a website that allows Bahama bodies to show off their spray tan products, tanning packages, and tanning beds.
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12 Virtues Consulting - Introduction and Discovery Meetings

At 12 Virtues Consulting we are dedicated to learning the pain-points of your online presence. We work with you to form a plan that makes sense for your industry, timeline, and budget. Reach out to schedule a discovery meeting which can be 15, 30, or 45 minute meetings that build our understanding of your needs. We follow-up with a custom questionnaire that will help us begin building/remodeling your website

Initial Conversations
A Discovery Meeting Occurs
We understand the project.
We Align on the Timeline
We establish a deadline and a plan of action.
The Contract is Signed by 12 Virtues and you
We begin the work of tranforming your digital presence.

Our 5-Stage Process at 12 Virtues Consulting

Our 5-stage process allows us to stay organized internally, and allows our team to provide you with a clear picture of where you are in the process. After the pricing contract has been signed, our team will have a production ready for most sites in 1-4 weeks.


Stage 1: Designs

Our team gets to work by creating designs that show the layout of your future website. We take the information gathered from the discovery meetings. Designs take 1-4 business days to complete for most sites. If desired, your dedicated sales representative is able to quickly and clearly walk you through your site, giving you an opportunity to provide feedback.


Stage 2: Content and Development Site Creation

Every project needs to have separate environments to ensure that changes can be safely tested before deploying to your live customer-facing site. We establish a development site to create exactly what your website will look like in production. Once the initial designs are completed, we provide a free 7-day revision period where we make requested changes before going live.


Stage 3: Production Site Deployment

After you are satisfied with the custom design and function of your site, we will deploy the website to your website domain. We will install our standard suite of search engine optimization plugins and analytics tools so we can create monthly reports to provide you insight into your online presence.


Stage 4: Speed Optimization

Your site needs to be fast so that way people do not leave because of slow load times. We work to optimize your site to have a 90+ speed based on Google Page Insights. We perform an internal quality assurance check, but are able and willing to show our clients how to independently check through a third party.


Stage 5: Continued Maintenance

Regardless of the quality or size of your website, market, or customer pool, every site requires some degree of ongoing maintenance. Thus, we offered flexible maintenance packages to fit any size of budget or business model. We provide you with monthly reports and improvement suggestions.

Migrating From 12 Virtues Consulting's Services

We understand that not every business wants to stay on a maintenance plan forever, that is why we make it easy. If you decide you no longer need a maintenance plan or three months have elapsed since contract renewal, we will move your website to your own account. In addition, to help keep your website running strong, we will setup your website to perform it's own minimal maintenance. After migrating, if you need work done, do not hesitate to reach out.

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Contact Us at 12 Virtues consulting

Please include details about your project so we can be prepared when we contact you.