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Matt Blackert


Located in Chicago, Illinois

Tian Treb

Creative Director, Co-Owner

Located in Akron, Ohio

Sarah Karkoff

Content Lead

Located in Cleveland, Ohio

I'm Matt, the co-owner of 12 Virtues Consulting. My background is in technology and I have an interest in web design. I take pride in helping businesses establish a robust online presence. I have profound appreciation for WordPress as a platform. I believe in harnessing the power of top-tier tools, and in that realm, Elementor stands out as a favorite for its versatility and efficiency.


It's worth mentioning a personal achievement from my high school days: a win in a debate against my co-owner Tian Treb. This experience was not just about winning, but more about effective communication and analytical thinking – skills I carry into my professional life.

Continued Growth:

I am deeply passionate about technology and its potential to transform businesses. Outside of my responsibilities at 12 Virtues Consulting, my focus shifts to the intriguing world of security. As the industry is rapidly evolving, I'm excited to stay informed and adapt to the upcoming trends and innovations.

Introducing Sarah Karkoff, a spirited individual whose journey has taken them from the same high school as Tian Treb in 2020 to the imminent completion of their undergraduate degree at Case Western Reserve University. With the support of a full scholarship, Sarah Karkoff is well on their way to graduating with a degree in English and Political Science, a journey that has been marked by dedication, passion, and a commitment to growth.

As they approach graduation, Sarah Karkoff has proven to be a dedicated and accomplished student, excelling in their chosen fields of English and Political Science. Their academic pursuits have not only honed their critical thinking skills but have also equipped them with the ability to articulate complex ideas with clarity and precision.

Beyond their academic achievements, Sarah Karkoff has also dedicated themselves to enhancing the campus community. Currently, they play a vital role as a writer and copy editor for the student newspaper, contributing insightful articles and helping to maintain the publication's high standards of quality. Through their work in journalism, they have consistently demonstrated their passion for thoughtful discourse and storytelling.

In recognition of their leadership and expertise, Sarah Karkoff has taken on the role of Content Lead at 12 Virtues Consulting. This position sees them at the forefront of creative and strategic initiatives, where they bring their unique blend of skills to shape content and marketing strategies. Their ability to create and manage content is a testament to their talent and commitment to excellence.

Sarah Karkoff embodies a harmonious blend of academic dedication, journalistic talent, and visionary leadership. As they approach graduation and prepare for the next phase of their journey, it's evident that their unique set of skills and experiences will continue to positively impact the communities they engage with, both professionally and personally.

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