Software Prototyping

Prototyping involves creating a working model of software with limited functionalities. We can outline a plan for your idea and provide technical consultation. Our prototypes will allow you to gauge responses without committing to an entire project. We focus on providing rapid prototypes. Our team follows a three-step process.

Requirement Discovery

It is imperative to have a conference call to outline the basic requirements for the project, security and performance are not included in these initial planning phases. Following our meeting, our team will determine the cost and time to build a minimum viable product. We try to develop the MVP closely to how the real system will function. 

Develop Version 1.0

Basic requirements will be built at this step. Our team of developers will create an environment that feels like the final product without spending the extra money to formally develop the software. Version 1.0 of the application gives stakeholders a chance to see what the project would yield if built.

Revise and Enhance the Prototype

We accept feedback in all forms, it helps us better your creation. Iterative development is a successful strategy that allows our team to maintain an Agile mindset when developing prototypes. An Agile principle is to fail early. We help you understand the project logistics before getting caught off guard by an array of tasks.

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Brand Identity Creation
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