Classic Countertops started off with a Wix website. Over the years, the needs of the company have changed, and the company has moved from Wix. It’s been a pleasure of 12 Virtues Consulting to manage the website for the past few years. At a high level, we provide the following services:

  • Website design and content changes.
  • Maintenance of the website.
  • Search engine optimization.
  • Security of the website.

Website Management

The main goal for Classic Countertops is to provide customers with key information. For them, that means contact and services information. We’ve worked with Classic Countertops to build a website that does this.


As mentioned before, displaying the address, phone number, and office hours were critical. We ensured this. It’s at the top of each page for when customers visit. We also added a map on the home page, which allows customers to get directions to their office.

Classic Countertops made another request. It was for the FAQ section. The goal is to provide customers with common answers to help reduce questions. Using an FAQ provides a self-service format that works for the customer at any time on any device.

It was important to display the reviews of the business. Throughout the website, the footer contains reviews from customers.


During the design process, we agreed on the services to highlight on the website. They focused in on laminate, solid surface, quartz, granite, and repair work. We added content to each page that is unique to how they operate. We provided links to common providers of each material. This gives customers a way to research countertop colors.

On each page, we provide an easy way for mobile users to call Classic Countertops directly. This helps to reduce friction when there is interest in a service. For desktop and mobile users, we also provide a contact form. This again helps to reduce the friction to get in contact.

Classic Countertops likes to post content to their website on occasion. We set them up with a simple-to-use and manage blogging system. They have the ability to quickly and consistently post new content.

Website Maintenance

Classic Countertops doesn’t want to perform technical management of their website. We’ve handled everything that they would otherwise have to worry about. Keeping their website up-to-date and managed is a key to the security of their site. Some services we offer are listed below:

  • Domain registration and transfer.
  • Email configuration.
  • Plugin and theme upkeep.
  • Security log reviews.
  • Vulnerability research.

Search Engine Optimization

Classic Countertops had limited visibility into metrics about their website. We’ve worked with them to configure Google Analytics to track metrics that matter to them. It’s easy to produce reports as needed for Classic Countertops.

Some examples of useful metrics tracked in Google Analytics are below:

  • Number of users.
  • Number of new users.
  • Average engagement time of each user’s session.
  • Users by country.
  • Which pages and screens get the most views?

Website Security

It’s important for Classic Countertops to have a secure website. We’ve recommended plugins that we can watch for security vulnerabilities. If a vulnerability exists, we research and apply the appropriate patches. We also have more hardening. This improves the website’s availability.

  • Up-to-date infrastructure, applications, and plugins.
  • Monitoring and alerting for malicious events.
  • Monitoring website uptime. 

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