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Looking to enhance your online presence? We offer a range of digital marketing services to help you achieve your goals. From SEO strategy and web design consultations to content writing services and social media management, we've got you covered. Our team can also assist with branding and logo design, as well as e-commerce solutions. Let us help you create a strong online presence that showcases your brand and connects you with your target audience.

12 Virtues Consulting Frequently Asked Questions

TLDR: 12VC offers high-performance websites that are optimized for search engines and secured with SSL encryption, security plugins, and logging. We use WordPress as the base content management system and Google Analytics to power website analytics. Clients can receive logins to access the backend of their own sites with different levels of permissions. We require basic business information, logos, fonts, or images that the client owns. We can also provide stock photos and icons from The Noun Project. We ensure clients comply with legal requirements such as GDPR, CalOPPA, and ADA compliance.

To measure website speed, we use which provides mobile and desktop scores. We offer speeds of 90+ performance speeds for mobile and desktop.

Over the past few years, Search Engine Optimization has come to factor in performance as a relevant ranking factor. This means that a low performance can potentially lower your spot in search engine rankings.

If the change is small and does not change functionality on a website, we will modify the live website. If the change requires a moderate or more amount of effort, we create a replica of the live website inside of a development environment and once testing and approval steps have been completed, we will merge the development environment changes into the live website.

No, this is not secure because development environments can sometimes be unstable. The development site will be password protected to reduce the risk of confidential information exposure.

We ensure that every website uses SSL which encrypts web traffic and helps increase your website’s reputability with search engines. Our hosting provider Siteground also has a security plugin which can prevent common attacks. Lastly, we can enable security scanning and logging for the client’s website.

WordPress is used as the base content management system which is then modified to meet the needs of our clients’ jobs. To power website analytics we use Google Analytics which provides 12VC and our clients with reports.

We can set up a variety of permissions, if clients want administrative privilege then we caution them as they can accidentally take their website down or make unwanted changes.

We need basic business information as well as any logos, fonts, or images that the client owns. Due to copyright laws, we cannot use images that come from Google search. We can provide a variety of paid and free stock photo options. We can provide icons from The Noun Project.

We recommend clients to follow Cookie Consent Notices, Privacy Policy Disclosure, HTTPS for E-Commerce, General GDPR Compliance Obligations, General CalOPPA Site Privacy Policy Obligations, and General ADA Compliance. Please consult with lawyers for more complex projects.