About Us

We work together

Tian and Matt were both Lincoln-Douglas debaters in high school. We are competitive individuals and we utilize our competitiveness to make our work excel. Problem-solving was a key component of debate, now we seek to give practical and actionable advice that helps to grow your business.

Passionate Learners

We seek to maintain knowledge of how to solve problems with modern technology. No problem is the same. We use part of the profits to promote our continuing education.

Our company can provide a long-term relationship that reduces your overall stress. 

Use Modern Solutions

We will advise you on the best solution to complete your project. Our company can build a team that can complete the specifics of your project.

We want long-term partnerships

We are looking for individuals to help us have the capital to explore other ideas for which we are passionate. There are always plenty of additional suggestions that we can make. 

We Provide a clear plan

Our team follows Agile techniques which build a foundation and then we grow from that point. We can adapt to your needs and help create a team of individuals that allow you to best utilize the available resources.

We drive the conversation

We understand that digital concepts are complex. Our team can simply explain advanced concepts. Do not worry about having limited experience with any technology, we will provide adequate training.

Generate a return on investment

Work with a team that wants to give you a competitive advantage

We are partners that are committed to building your competitive advantage. Growing your company’s digital presence will provide you with additional visibility. We want to work with you and grow with your needs.